Female TV Anime Color Designers 2011-2016

Coloring and painting is a less frequently interrogated role by anime fandom, but it is also one of the fields in the industry dominated by women. While formerly largely done by hand, the process is now typically done digitally after scanning the frames. The color designer works with the director to determine the color palette for the anime.

In every single year since 2011, there have been over 100 anime with female color designers, going along with the increase in anime created, particularly with shorts.

With that many roles filled by women, it should be no surprise that they comprise a largely disproportionate amount of color designers each year for otaku TV series. In 2011 and 2012, they filled over 90% of the position, averaging between 80 and 90% over the entire period. By studio, there isn’t a particularly notable “top ten” as that’s likely more defined by number of series produced, with high volume production companies A-1 Pictures and JC Staff leading the way.

The most active color designer among otaku anime was Aiko Shinohara, with twelve. Working on series like Dog Days and Symphogear. Overall, 171 different women worked in the color designer role for otaku TV anime over the five-year period.

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