Female TV Anime Directors Summer 2017

Director: Kaoru Suzuki

Kaoru Suzuki makes her TV anime directorial debut with Dive!!, an adaption of the novel series by Eto Mori (Colorful). The series focuses on the very ripped young men of the Mizuki Diving Club as they focus on qualifying for the Olympics. As an anime about the sport of diving, it faces the unique challenge of animating Olympic level dives.

Suzuki has been active as an episode director since the 1990s. in 2010, she was hired as the assistant director for the timeless classic anime series Cat Planet Cuties. She also served as assistant director for Acchi Kocchi, the first season of Date a Live, and Etotama. In 2013, she directed the short episode anime adaption of Pupipo!

Hitorijime My Hero
Director: Yukina Hiiro

Yukina Hiiro has been active in the anime for decades, directing and storyboard episodes in the early 1990s, including series like Genji Tsūshin Agedama and You’re Under Arrest. She made her directorial debut in 2006 on the adaptions of the boys’ love otome game Gakuen Heaven. Her second anime series would be in the opposite direction, an adaption of Yumi Nakata’s undergarment-oriented manga Chu-bra!!

She returns to the boys’ love genre with an adaption of the manga spin-off Hitorijime My Hero, a delinguent love story between teacher and student. Her most recent activity includes working on episodes of FuukaGirlish Number, and Touken Ranbu.


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