Female TV Anime Directors Spring and Summer 2020

Apologies for the delay on this one. I’ve opted to combine the post for Spring and Summer 2020, making of note if any of these series got delayed.

Woodpecker Detective’s Office – Spring 2020
Director (監督): Tomoe Makino

Woodpecker Detective’s Office is an adaption of a historical fiction mystery novel by Kei Ii. The story follows poet Takuboku Ishikawa and linguist Kyousuke Kindaichi.

The series if Tomoe Makino’s first in a series director role, with Shinpei Ezaki as chief director. Makino has previously contributed as a storyboard artist and episode director for a number of series including Haven’t You Heard? I’m SakamotoAs Miss Beelzebub Likes, and Endro.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive – Spring 2020
Assistant Director (助監督): Kana Harufuji 春藤佳奈

Kana Harufuji is the assistant director for this adaption of Cygames’ popular mobile game, with Takaomi Kanasaki as the head director. Harufuji first fulfilled the assistant director role for Youjo Senki. She is a also listed as assistant director for the upcoming Luminous Witches anime.


Fugou Keiji – Balance:Unlimited – Premiered Spring 2020 – Delayed to Summer 2020
Assistant Director {監督助手}: Aya Ikeda

Fugou Keiji – Balance:Unlimited is an adaption of novels by Yasutaka Tsutsui, who also wrote The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Paprika.

The series is Aya Ikeda’s first time as an assistant director, with Tomohiko Itou directing. She has contributed to series including Seven Deadly Sins, Erased, and Kaguya-sama.


One thought on “Female TV Anime Directors Spring and Summer 2020

  1. For every season you do not publish one of these I get the feeling there are no women directors and get sad. Thanks for reigniting hope, especially since I missed that good looking boys in kimonos series so now I can take a proper second look!


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