There’s a lot of women directing Fall 2016 anime, a preview

The Fall 2016 anime has 5 women in a “Director” role, 1 in a “Series Director” role, and 5 in an “Assistant Director” role, for a total of 11 women directing kids and TV anime series. For comparison, 12 is the annual average number of women in these role for late night TV series for the past four years. There’s a lot of women directing this season. Here’s a list of the TV anime and the women directing them.
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Fall 2015

Less graphs. Probably better to talk more about the staff listed. So, some graphs. An annual overview and some talk about movies will be had in the near future, but no promises. I withheld from listing out every single color designer, because that’s a long and tedious process. I’m not sure how to go about detailing this information in the future in a useful way.

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