A Decade of Mari Okada

Mari Okada

“I believe that everyone has that feeling of wanting to run, when they have all the uneasy feelings from indignation to impatience, to feelings that just don’t make sense.”

Spring 2016 marks the ten-year anniversary of the first episode broadcast of Sasami Magical Girls Club. At around 30 years of age, Sasami is also Mari Okada’s first credit in the role of series composer for a TV anime. Since then, she has been responsible for thirty TV anime series, seven anime movies, a spattering of original OVAs, and many episodes on a variety of TV series – including two where she had an atypical amount of influence. On the way, she won an Animation Kobe award in 2011 for AnoHana. And of course, Okada has much more on the way including Kiznaiver and Mayoiga this Spring. Her works consistently fall into the genre of melodrama, thriving on extravagant emotion, specifically in contrast to a society with a reputation for stoicism. These stylistic and thematic choices have often made her polarizing creator, but has also earned Okada significant popularity among many of her projects The sheer number of original stories created by Okada is also a testament to her chosen styles and the demand for her work from within the anime industry. Continue reading “A Decade of Mari Okada”