Female TV Anime Directors Winter 2020

Healin’ Good ❤ Precure
Director (シリーズディレクター): Yoko Ikeda

This year’s new Precure series marks a surprising first – a woman is directing the year-long television series. While a number of Precure movies have been directed by women – including the talented Rie Matsumoto, industry constant Chiaki Kon, and even Yoko Ikeda herself – the girls’ anime series have never had a woman at the helm. It’s not just the director role – almost all the current roles listed are women, with the ABC Animation producer as the lone exception.

Ikeda has been in the industry for decades, with The Case File of Young Kindaichi Returns as her most recent TV series director role. She has also directed Suite Precure film and more recently the Hugtto Precure era all stars film Precure Super Stars! Continue reading “Female TV Anime Directors Winter 2020”

Female Anime Directors 2011-2016


With an ever-increasing amount of anime getting made each year, so had the number of directors. And with that increase, even more female animators have been given opportunities to direct anime. In 2011, only four series had women directing anime in a lead or series role, including two seasons of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi directed by Chiaki Kon. In 2013 the pool increased to 16. Since that year, at least ten series has been directed by women each year. These trends follow when you exclude anime shorts and only look at full-length episode TV series, as well as when looking at just Otaku TV series. However women did direct a sizable chunk of anime shorts.
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